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Acupuncture: Treatments & Services Available

I consulted with Maddie via telephone during a time in which I was quite sick and self-isolated. She delivered a tincture and several jars of teas that she made specifically for me and my symptoms. They were life giving, and I felt the benefits immediately. Not only did Maddie’s potions do wonders, but she was amazing to work with. She is caring, thoughtful, skillful, and she supported me and my health until I was 100% better. I am so, so grateful for Maddie’s offerings, and I highly recommend her to anyone - especially during a global pandemic.  

I had been seeking a knowledgeable source for Chinese herbal tinctures for awhile. I’ve never been interested in ordering them online from over-priced & questionable sources. Maddie’s training allows her to analyze your situation and customize a mixture of herbs from scratch to pin point specific needs. I’ve been extremely pleased with a variety of her tinctures: preventative, immune building, cough suppressing, hormonal balance, etc. They taste divine to me — like the nectar of mother earth. I’ve had acupuncturists prescribe herbs for me before, but Maddie’s process has served me better than past experiences. I’ll for sure be utilizing her services for years to come (acupuncture & cupping included)! 

The level of individual attention that Maddie provides is incredible. After a consultation about my history and recent health issues with migraines and anxiety, she created a treatment approach including herbal medicine and worked with me to significantly reduce my symptoms. With her focus on individual, holistic wellness I felt we were truly treating the root cause, and her kind and attentive personality made the whole experience a great one.  

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