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Gut-Healing Congee

In the transition to autumn and winter, one of my favorite go-to recipes is a simple congee. Congee is a savory rice porridge eaten in China, Japan, and many other East and Southeast Asian countries.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, congee is an ideal meal to nourish your Spleen. A spleen imbalance is commonly indicated by chronic fatigue, weak digestion with loose stool, bloating, reduced appetite, and a general feeling of being stuck. Your spleen is especially burdened by a diet of cold and raw foods like salads, smoothies, iced drinks…basically everything you crave in the summer. This is part of why it’s so important to eat with the seasons, and choose cooked warm food especially in the autumn and winter months. Warm foods help to stoke our digestive “fire” and promote easy digestion.

Below is my recipe for an easy congee-- enjoy!

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